Since immigrating to Canada from the Netherlands as a small child, Marja’s life has been one adventure after another. In the mid-1990s, she started her career in the financial services industry. She had a very successful career until 2012 when she sold her business and took the plunge into real estate investing. Three and a half years later, she and her husband, Garry, are the owners of 300+ apartment units/homes worth over $20,000,000 and she now teaches network marketers how to build their wealth and their business.

Marja has taken her professional background and skills into the network marketing profession to teach people how to build their organization quickly and professionally.

Arriving in Canada in a strange land, not speaking the language and having major troubles with locating housing, the Salvation army stepped in to help us find a home. Their generosity in helping my family settle into our new country did not go unnoticed. For the remainder of their lives, my parents showed their gratitude and appreciation to the Salvation Army by becoming regular donors and I have now taken that responsibility over.

Has anyone ever helped you when YOU were in a tough spot?

The first place we rented was an awful two room basement suite. The floor was concrete and the windows did not open. The landlady was an alcoholic who would make my mother wash walls and let herself into our suite at night to jump in between my parents while they were sleeping.

It was a nightmare.

How Did I Get to Where I am?

The next place we lived the landlady in that house, though prominent in the community, was awful to my mother and quite abusive, we wondered if we would ever find a real home in this new land.

Have you ever wondered if things would work out?

Marriage also wasn’t a breeze…

The first time I married, I was very young. Unfortunately, I chose wrong. He was an abusive alcoholic and it took me 19 years and 53 days to leave the relationship. The only joy that came out of that time was my three daughters, who to this day, are my greatest achievement.

Sometimes great things can come from bad times.

I am thankful everyday I had the courage to leave that marriage. Sometimes I wonder why I stayed so long, even though I knew it would likely kill me. My best answer is fear. Fear of the unknown.

Have you ever known you needed to take a particular action but were afraid to do it?

Since then, I have met and married the love of my life, Garry. Not a day passes that I am not grateful for this man and the life we have build together.

My career has been a blessed journey with lots of lessons. We were able to create success in the financial services industry from scratch and do the same thing in the real estate investing profession.

Now we are excited to turn our focus to the Network Marketing profession where we feel we can help more people than in any profession we have ever been in.

Network Marketing represents a way for the average, ordinary person to create success and even more importantly to create financial freedom.

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